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Collegiate Academic Consultant & Coach

I am a higher education professional that has close to 20 years of working with high performing students on the high school, undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level.  I specialize in supporting working professionals master juggling both work and graduate level courses.

I've been told by my clients that I'm like a close friend, and mentor.

But honestly, I just want to support you in your endeavors, and help you discover your strengths.​ My personal philosophy as an academic consultant/coach is to build relationships with clients to create mutual trust.

I am genuinely passionate about your success!

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Essence 4 Success - Transparent

Consulting & Coaching


Consulting Services

Discover your next educational steps, and explore programs that best fit your educational goals with my consulting services.


Coaching Services

Ease the stress of taking classes and managing life with my 1:1 personalized coaching services.


Business 2 Business

Business or Organization? Let's partner together to build a custom program. 

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Cultivating academic well-being and guiding student to successfully complete their college level degree

Essence 4 Success Consulting, LLC is a firm that provides support services, such as consulting & coaching to professional women who want to obtain an advanced degree in order to further their career or professional goals.


Our services include customized 1:1 wellness & academic coaching, time management planning, and academic success planning.


Our services will provide clients with the confidence and motivation to successfully complete their graduate/doctoral program and manage the stressors of an advanced degree.

Essence 4 Success - Transparent

Our vision is to be the space for collegiate level underrepresented and underserved scholars be safe, be supported, be valued, and to have a voice.

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Makeda is very professional, and intentional. I loved her approach of getting a deeper understanding of my desired goal, and working with me to develop a plan of action to achieve my goal. She is very relatable, and transparent. I feel like she makes things plain and keeps it simple, and she speaks truthfully, which is appreciated. I am so glad to have worked with her for I don't think I would have made the progress that I have made towards my goal, without her. I can say I not only have made progress, but I also feel confident about my choices.

L. Jackson

prospective doctoral candidate

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