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What my current and former scholars are saying

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When I initially sought you out, I just saw that you were a Black woman and immediately wanted to connect but wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Right away, I felt very comfortable and felt welcomed not just into that space, but the university in some respect. I'd gone to a number of different orientations and events for first-year students, but it wasn't until I visited with you that I felt "welcomed". You've helped me to navigate a lot of life's ups and downs with a relative ease, especially given that the pandemic has impacted all of us so deeply. "Working" (it doesn't feel like work, really) with you has always been a constant source and place of kindness and care.  


Your consistency and being down-to-earth. I don't always feel like I'm talking to a "wellness coach" but rather a close friend/confidante, and one who I know will always keep it 100% real with me (even when I'm wrong).


Because I'm in the social sciences, a lot of my academic work is tied to my own understanding and perception of things. Talking with you about how I am experiencing my academic life (work, class, people) has helped me to make sense of it and remind me that I'm not "crazy".

C. Adams

If you are considering working with Dr. Turner- take the leap. She is a knowledgeable, genuine advisor who will provide honest feedback and steps on how to better both your professional and personal life circumstances. She is kind but resolute when needed, intuitive, humorous, and most importantly, dedicated to your ultimate success. 


Honest, transparency, and real advice that works!

L. Barrow

How do you balance work, motherhood/fatherhood, and school? Dr. Makeda K. Turner helped me get through the stress of Nursing School while maintaining a household and raising my three children. I honestly would not have been able to do it without her. Schedule your consultation today. Trust me it will change your life!

V. Banks

I’ve never met anyone equal in dedication, professionalism, and accessibility to Dr. Turner. She is a brilliant educator, and her passion for her discipline cannot go unnoticed. I thank her for that more than words can convey. If you are looking for someone who will help you define and achieve your academic goals while being an arm of comfort — look no further than Dr. Turner.

C. Hill

Dr. Turner has a great amount of experience in supporting underrepresented students. As an out-of-state first-generation college student, Dr. Turner made sure I was aware of the resources available to support my academic and professional journey at the University of Michigan. Her support significantly contributed to my success in college.

B. Williams

I valued your honest opinion, personable spirit, and the example you set of being an ideal woman of noble character, possessing a high level of self-awareness and passion for greatness in every space you are in.

A. Hayes

My relationship with Dr. Turner is dynamic. I met her as my advisor in my first semester of undergraduate study at the University of Michigan, and she has been a tremendous source of support as I navigate college but also in my development as a young adult. The space she holds for us to have conversation is inviting, as she is careful to listen and asks permission to offer advice and expertise when you are ready to receive it. Her wise words are honest, real, and encouraged me to see internal and external obstacles as opportunities. Our work together has shifted my perspective in ways that have transformed my life and elevated my level of self-awareness, which is key to living a joy-filled, fruitful life. Without Dr. Makeda Turner, I truly believe that I would not feel as well-equipped to navigate life as I approach graduating from college.

A. Hayes

Makeda is very professional, and intentional. I loved her approach of getting a deeper understanding of my desired goal, and working with me to develop a plan of action to achieve my goal. She is very relatable, and transparent. I feel like she makes things plain and keeps it simple, and she speaks truthfully, which is appreciated. I am so glad to have worked with her for I don't think I would have made the progress that I have made towards my goal, without her. I can say I not only have made progress, but I also feel confident about my choices.

L. Jackson

Working with you motivated me to do and be better academically. A specific example I can recall is from Wellness Coaching - you helped me get a better grip on balancing my responsibilities and expectations I place on myself and the expectations of being a successful college student. Working from the inside out, I was able to better balance my emotions, academic drive, and overall wellbeing, which was a recipe for academic success.

C. Adams

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