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Coaching is just as much about your wellness as it is your educational experience.

  • Customized 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Wellness coaching

  • Academic coaching

  • Goal setting 

  • Creating time management schedule for semester/academic year

  • Developing an academic success plan for semester/academic year

  • Resource sharing

You have unique needs, your coaching sessions will match. 

We'll start with a consultation then build your program around your needs.

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In my coaching services I help ease the stress of taking classes and managing life.  I will provide you with 1:1 personalized attention, and establish the tools and resources needed to be successful in your program. My customized coaching services are designed just for you, and will help give you the confidence and motivation to successfully complete your degree program.

Coaching Services DO NOT Include:

While coaching may feel like therapy, I am not a therapist. Below are resources for direct therapy services for clinical depression or anxiety, managing bipolar disorders, unpacking family history/challenges, eating disorders, and other complex mental health challenges.

Additional Resources
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If you are considering working with Dr. Turner- take the leap. She is a knowledgeable, genuine advisor who will provide honest feedback and steps on how to better both your professional and personal life circumstances. She is kind but resolute when needed, intuitive, humorous, and most importantly, dedicated to your ultimate success. 


Honest, transparency, and real advice that works!

L. Barrow, MPH

College Senior

What's our next steps?

So you're ready...


Schedule your free 30 minute consultation. 


During the call we will determine if and/or how my services will best serve your needs.


Within 48hour after call receive and review your personalized proposal and contract. 

Let's Work!

Let's get straight to work. We'll start scheduling 

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